This is where I upload all the pictures I have from the event the night before. People tend to get impatient waiting for a CD. I also plan to leave the event pics up, in case anyone wants to get that specific picture of them burning their face off... Just kidding, it's more of a searing...

Redneck night was a blast. No pictures, but plenty of video and 6 new spitter that night. Also, somehow the videos sections for the spit parties got all screwed up, so that needs done... I'll work on it.

PICTURES are up. Well, mostly. I managed to reverse engineer Flickr photo slideshows into a slideshow I could place in the site. Unfortunately, I can only upload so much a month. That means I got the big spitters up. Myself, Kellan, Matt, Stef, Jed, etc. They look great though. Go check em out. Also, I changed the logo. Got bored with the old one. Let me know how this one looks. Shoot me an e-mail if anything isn't working or doesn't look right.

Fresh postings of the New Years Cabin Party. The video process was tested, and a light night of videos take about 4 hours to process. We had a good night spitting, and what a great way to ring in the new year.

VIDEOS ARE UP!!!! I am happy to announce that working with YouTube to do our video streaming and hosting that we now have all of the videos up for everyone. The way the videos are linked via YouTube also lets you embed your own videos in your MySpace profile. I have created 50 different pages and uploaded/linked over 100 videos. Please let me know if your video doesn't work for any reason or a link is not working correctly. In most cases it will be a quick fix. Otherwise, roam around and enjoy.

Some of the spitting pictures are... in error... basically the tall photos are being zoomed in. Just the website trying to help, but not helping. So I'm on it, thanks for the emails.

So I was interviewed for the Moscow Daily News last night, and decided it was time to finally get the damn pictures up, so I have a few albums up now and will add as we go. These pictures will be the "best" of these spitters. Thanks again to Moscow Daily!!

Put up last night's firespitting with Luke and Jed. Fun night all in all. Also, I will have individuals and full events up soon, I have set up a system for picture resizing and publishing, now all that's left is to put them in order and put it up. I think it'll look real nice when it's done.

Hurray, first big breakthrough. The flash slideshows are up and being worked on bit by bit. but mostly the process is complete. The morning after section for the Pita Pit party is done. Also, new software for uploading website is being used, which makes updating the site much easier. Everyone keep an eye out for broken links though, I am hurrying through a bit to get it all out.

This site is a work in progress, and here is a list of things to be added/worked on

-Video montages
-Video links

Check back often.

Thanks, Dan.
Welcome to Firespitting 101
This site is a compilation of pictures and videos of experienced firespitters. These spitters have all been trained in safe firespitting techniques and safety precautions. By attempting anything you see here you accept that you will probably burn your dumb ass, and I won't take credit for it. Just a heads up, 'cause I don't want to get sued. Thanks for understanding.

All that good stuff aside, this site is just getting up and going, so forgive broken link and errors. If you manage to find any, click "contact us".